How Bitcoin Can Change Your Life Forever in the Next 30 Days

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Webinar Host Evander Smart

Host: Evander Smart

Founder of Bitcoin University

Evander Smart is one of America's foremost experts in the Bitcoin industry.  He has lived on Bitcoin as his sole source of income for the better part of three years, and has written close to 1000 Bitcoin-related online articles for websites including, BitConnect and CoinTelegraph. Evander has dedicated his life to the education and adoption of Bitcoin's digital currency as a global currency.

He is currently CEO and Founder of Bitcoin University. During this exclusive Bitcoin University webinar event, Evander will show you why you need to begin investing in Bitcoin, and as well as the rest of the altcoin market, as soon as possible.

Welcome to Bitcoin University's Webinar Event

 "How Bitcoin Can Change Your Life in the Next 30 Days!"

During this exclusive webinar event, Evander Smart, Founder of Bitcoin University, will discuss the following:

  • His personal experience working as a banker on Wall Street, and living exclusively on Bitcoin, as his sole source of income, for the last three years


  • Why Bitcoin has taken off in 2017 and proof that Bitcoin is starting to "go viral"     


  • The major brands and corporations using Bitcoin today.


  • Discover the differences and advantages of using Bitcoin as currency versus fiat currencies like the U.S. Dollar


  • How and why nations around the world are not only using Bitcoins' technology, but are making their own versions of Bitcoin. 


  • Why you do not want to use alternate versions of Bitcoin produced by banks and private interests.


  • How you can get started using "The Future of Money" later today with the help of Bitcoin University


  • And much, much more will be covered during this Bitcoin University Webinar Event